1st Full-length Album "Insula Sacra" (2010)

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Label: King Records
Product No.: KICS-1618
Release Date: Oct. 27, 2010
JAN: 4988003394363

+++++ Track list +++++
1. Bell's Air
2. That's Ireland
3. Deadly Oath
4. Odin's Call
5. Beautiful Mind
6. The Lone Horseman
7. The Druid Song
8. Sail Under the Midnight Sun
9. Winter of Death
10. Celtic Drum
11. Winds of Time

+++++ Lineup +++++
Shuji Matsumoto - Bass
Makoto Kano - Guitar
Koh Nishino - Vocal
Hiroshi Sakakima - Drums
Taro Arai - Guitar
Haruna Fukazawa - Flute
Izumi Takeuchi - Violin

+++++ Guest Musicians +++++
Fumihiko Kitsutaka - Guitar solo on "Sail Under the Midnight Sun"
Hiroshi Kono - Acoustic guitar on "The Druid Song"
Noa - Female vocal on "The Druid Song"
Luke Ray, Yuki, and Brian Cullen - Viking Choir

+++++ Production Info +++++
Recorded by Taro Arai at Sound Koara Studio (Saitama,Japan)
Bass and Drums recorded by Tady Nakamura at Studio NEWS90 (Aichi,Japan)
Hiroshi Kono's acoustic guitar recorded by Kentaro at Tragic comic studio (NJ,USA)
Fumihiko Kitsutaka's guitar solo recorded by Masatoshi Sakimoto at Fanky Studio (Tokyo,Japan)

Mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios (Varberg,Sweden)
Produced by BELLFAST

English/Irish supervision by Brian Cullen
Cover art and group photo editing and by Thomas Ewerhard
Band photography by Yuzi Okumura
Graphic design and layout by Rise of Avalon

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¥2,700 tax included