Debut MCD "Faraway Prayers" (2001)

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Label: Mustang Records
Product No.: MR-2012CD
Release Date: Dec. 15, 2001

+++++ Track list +++++
1. Where are You Now
2. The Eagle
3. Who Saw My Lady?
4. Dream Now5
5. I will be Gone
6. Limelight (Bonus Track)

+++++ Lineup +++++
Shuji Matsumoto - Bass, Vocal
Arata Niwa - Guitar
Makoto Kano - Guitar
Hiroshi Sakakima - Drums
Yasuo Iida - Vocal
Masako Shimizu - Vocal
Hiroshi Kono - Guitar
Koichi Sato - Vocal
Amiko Sugiura - Violin
Kazumi Urashima - Piano

+++++ Production Info +++++
Recorded by Masaki Sano at Vial Sound Engineering (Aichi,Japan)
Produced by Shuji Matsumoto
Co-Produced by Communa